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Mi Amor, Tu Amor (My Love, Your Love)

Joe Cumbé

Mi Amor, Tu Amor (My Love, Your Love)

Joe Cumbé

Produced by Joe Cumbé and Guillermo “El Cumbe-ché” Bordarampé for Del Mate Productions
Executive producer: Joe Cumbé
Arrangements:  Joe Cumbé and Guillermo Bordarampé
Artistic Consultant: Joyce Gonzalez
Recorded and mixed by Guillermo Bordarampé for Del Mate Productions
Mastered by Manolo “Manu” Tomas
Cover Photography by Phillip Klaus 1939-2006 (Your spirit lives in this album)
Back cover photography by Alexander Lozano
Website design: Alexander Lozano
Album art: Andy Takajkian

This collection of songs is a tribute to the cause of love for humanity and commitment to social justice which are ultimately the most important legacies we can give to our children.

Special Thanks to:
All the artists involved in the creation of this album for leaving a piece of their soul in it.

Guillermo for helping me find my sound, lending me his genius, unending patience and never saying no to my crazy ideas; this is really our album.
Joyce Gonzalez at Del Mate Productions for putting up with us and for nourishing our bodies and spirits. Juan Luna for promoting me (thanks!!!!)
To the following people who in one way or another have supported and encouraged me through this project and throughout the years:
My family, the Palominos, Monzon, Eckinger, Garcia, Peña, Lopez and Vega, for their undying love.
My Cumbé-brothers, Alex “Skalex” Acevedo, Tino Anserma,
Jeff “Costeño”Govan, Ruben “Parrandario “Hoyos, and Sarah “Saxy Sarah” Underwood, for helping in the development of my art, providing their ideas and love. Cumbeley rocks! (Well, rumbea)
The Honorable Colombian Consul in L.A, Mrs. Myriam Beltran de Forero and her staff for believing in my art and promoting it. My brother Alex Lozano for all his work and dedication to promoting my art, (I love you man!) Ramon and Wendy Rios for your support and sound feedback. Gloria and Hector Mejia for your support and encouragement. Maria Luisa Oky-Hoyos for all of those gigs and air time.
My friends at, for lending an ear.
To the DJ’s at, Canto Sin Fronteras, Tanya Torres-Mayahuel who spreads my art to the four winds (you are the best) Eddie Lopez at Alma Del Barrio, Hector “La Voz” Recendez and Kathy “La Rumbera” Diaz at Canto Tropical. Abelardo De La Peña at for publishing my songs. Ernesto Lechner for his unbelievable support and kindness. Clara Dubash for loving what I do; it was you who got me started with this project. Clemencia Carroll for all the good press and friendship and David Leon at Prensa Colombiana.
Gabriela and Reinaldo Alvarez at Café Colombia for promoting me throughout the years and to my fans who make it all possible and worthwhile.

To Amida Buddha for being in my life “Namu Amida Butsu”

To those whose name I may have omitted due to my ADDism.

Finally, to my beautiful mother Marlene Peña-Monzon for giving me her love trough the legacy of music by making available all of those wonderful records in my childhood and for buying me my first $20.00 guitar (see, I told you I’d stick with it, you didn’t waste your money) Love you mum.

This album is dedicated to my sons Fernando Javier, Andres Camilo Palomino my daughter Joanna Cristina Palomino and to my nieces and nephew Karina and Kristina Garcia, Alexander and Sofia Eckinger because you inspire love. Mi Amor es vuestro Amor.

All songs ©Copyright 2007 BMI All rights reserved
Bar code # 712337001727
CD # X100-0018D