11. Bedtime, Our Time
D. F. Palomino 10/30/03

To Fernando and Andres for all those pleasurable nights


It's so nice to be with you
Do the things we want to do
And to share
Everything we love

It's so nice to hear your voice
Singing with me in the evening time
While I softly play
A tune on the guitar

While the sky
Its growing dark
And it's getting late
Yes it's getting late
The stars are out

It's getting to be your bedtime
It's getting to be my bedtime
Time to rest,
Time to sleep away

And though it’s hard to say good night
Boys and dads need sleep at night
Time to rest, time to dream away

 While the sky
Its growing light
And another
Yes another day,
 We'll see us play

Joe Cumbé: Lead and background vocals, acoustic 6 and 12 string and guitars.
Fernando Javier Palomino: Lead and Background Vocals.
Andres Camilo Palomino: Lead and background vocals.
Guillermo Bordarampé: Bass, keyboards, programming and percussion.

All songs © Copyright SouminoSongs 2007 BMI All rights reserved