8. Letter to the brother who went to war
Music: D. F. Palomino
Poem: English and Spanish Antonieta Villamil

To Pedro Villamil who died of disappearance


What can I tell you dear brother
Mutilated in silence?
You disappear
Like so many of my brothers
With rigorous synchronicity

The dripping of the clock
Coagulates my eyes
Between brows and 
Eye corner glances
I keep an ash
That repels the fire
That doesn’t find your bones

A tomb I know by heart
Butchers my hands
With the only effort I have left
I write these lines

While outside and around us
Everything collapses and bleeds

Joe Cumbé: Lead and background vocals, acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars.
Antonieta Villamil: Lead and background vocals
Guillermo Bordarampé: Bass, percussion and programming.
Marcelo Raner: Lead guitars
Alberto Aviña: Drums
Jeff Govan: Background Vocals

All songs © Copyright SouminoSongs 2007 BMI All rights reserved