7. Living in the Dream
D.F. Palomino 11/21/99

To choosing life in the middle path


I’m moving forward
I’m never, ever looking back again
No hesitating
No longer waiting for the answer
I’ve grown tired of fantasies
That won’t come reality
I’m choosing to live in real time
There’s no second take for me

No more second chances
I choose to live pain-free
No more second-guessing myself
I’m living in the dream
I’m hanging on to nothing
I leave it all behind
I’m moving now in real time baby
I’m living in the dream

I’m waiting no more
Never, ever being passive again
No more pretending
That life is gonna’ knock on my door

I’ve grown tired of fantasies…

Joe Cumbé: Lead and background vocals, acoustic 6 and 12 string and electric guitars.
Guillermo Bordarampé: Bass, percussion and programming.
Sarah Underwood: Tenor Sax
Marcelo Raner: Lead Guitar
Melissa Morales: Background vocals
Julio Montero: Harp

All songs © Copyright SouminoSongs 2007 BMI All rights reserved